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Category Archives: Musings

Some Thoughts on Writing Poetry

I found this statement of my work from a little while ago. My thoughts haven’t changed, but I think I need to add a bit about how my poems are now influenced by New York garbage and noise. Poetry represents for me a kind of focused freedom. Much of my work follows themes of loneliness, […]

The Twilight Zone: Comforting in it’s Pre-internet-ness

I think people were more present then. Then here being the time before the internet. As a special bonus, let’s throw in a “then” that was also before cell phones. People had to look for things, and wait for people. I find myself, when typing content on a screen, using fragments of language, sort of […]

Writing Process Chain-Letter

This week, Abriana invited me to answer some questions on the topic: “MY WRITING PROCESS.” I think this is a kind of virtual-chain-letter-of-creative-thought, similar to “The Next Big Thing,” that spread like wildfire a while back. I’m always game for exercises like this. Let’s start by thanking Abriana Jetté for inviting me to partake. She’s […]

The Best Comments

  Not to brag, but it seems I have a very big fan named Jeremy Scott Addidas, and thank you, Longbear Parajumper for the thoughtful feedback about North Face Jackets for Women. I have 250 comments on my site, but was shocked to learn that I am missing out on at least 300 visitors per day! Here are […]


The Next Big Thang!

  Okay, so this interview below is the reason I created my own website. The poet “self-interview chain” stipulated that you must post this on a personal blog or website. I have a personal blog. It’s here. But, as you can see, it’s a little embarrassing, and doesn’t really fall into the genre of poetry. So […]