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Category Archives: Poetry

Three From the Street

I’ve been thinking recently about how institutions built around poetry, much like museums of art and culture, are always trying to engage the participation of a broader community. Yet inherently, through concrete (in this case, meaning un-moving, or actual) spaces with doors that people can walk in and out of and opening and closing times […]

Writing Process Chain-Letter

This week, Abriana invited me to answer some questions on the topic: “MY WRITING PROCESS.” I think this is a kind of virtual-chain-letter-of-creative-thought, similar to “The Next Big Thing,” that spread like wildfire a while back. I’m always game for exercises like this. Let’s start by thanking Abriana Jetté for inviting me to partake. She’s […]

City Structures

Are you also a little sad that this sleeping shadow did not make it into my little book of poems? I know, right? Me too. All of the pictures in my little chapbook were drawn by Stephanie Kwak who is a true fellow friend, and who just recently went to Beijing and met Ai Weiwei. […]