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candy for eye, needle in pie

Three From the Street

I’ve been thinking recently about how institutions built around poetry, much like museums of art and culture, are always trying to engage the participation of a broader community. Yet inherently, through concrete (in this case, meaning un-moving, or actual) spaces with doors that people can walk in and out of and opening and closing times […]

The Furniture of Lietuva

I have just returned from an eye-opening trip to Lithuania with my friend. With her tireless parents, we traveled from one end of the country to the other. From Vilnius to Seduva, from Seduva to Siauliai, and then on to Kretinga, Palanga (a dip in the Baltic Sea) and down to Druskininkai on the border […]

Green on Green

You really know it’s spring when people start misplacing their green onions.

The Twilight Zone: Comforting in it’s Pre-internet-ness

I think people were more present then. Then here being the time before the internet. As a special bonus, let’s throw in a “then” that was also before cell phones. People had to look for things, and wait for people. I find myself, when typing content on a screen, using fragments of language, sort of […]

Sometimes on a bike ride through rural Ohio…

This happens:

Portrait Without Seeing

Picture Window Picture