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City Structures

skwak-sophie-travelaccomodationsAre you also a little sad that this sleeping shadow did not make it into my little book of poems? I know, right? Me too. All of the pictures in my little chapbook were drawn by Stephanie Kwak who is a true fellow friend, and who just recently went to Beijing and met Ai Weiwei. This drawing of the sleeper is her interpretation of my poem “Travel Accommodations.” She is a pure talent, isn’t she? Don’t be too sad because the book is lovely.

It was made by the nimble hands of Liana at Damask Press (with much help from her grandmother), and just last week I had a little celebratory reading. It was like when Dorothy wakes up from her knock on the head and her trip to Oz and she says “and you were there…and you and you and you were there!” That’s how I felt at the reading. My boss, the very boss Amanda (boss meaning cool!) of Chicago Detours fame was there. My beaming parents, Wanyu and the Cho crew, and even little miss Lisa Hiton  appeared all tan and from completely out of the blue! Well, sort of from out of the blue. More like from off a plane that came from Greece where she had been writing poetry and concussing her head on trees. What a happy day. The reading, not the concussing. Also, I got to take home the boxed wine that Nancy brought and I am drinking it right now. Here is another image from City Structures. This one is from “Light Structures in the Library of Babel.” Isn’t is just wonderful?


I just returned from a brief stint at the Grimes Farm where my family encouraged everyone to enjoy nature by giving away trees and hosting the 13th annual Grimes Farm Run! We had a whopping 170 people register. You should join us next year! While I was in Iowa with my family, I found:

1. A postcard from 1908 of Chicago’s Michigan Ave (with horses and unpaved roads!) In fact, it’s this very one: POSTCARD - CHICAGO - MICHIGAN AVE - COACHES - YOUNG TREES - STUNNING - 1908

2. A tiny book of poems by Persian poet Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Since I am drinking wine, I will quote his wise words: “Better be jocund with the fruitful grape than saddened after none, or bitter, fruit.” So there you go.




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