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Hand-Built City Scene in Switched On Gutenberg #24

NonBinary Review #13

  • The Skull is an Empty Time Capsule, Not an Alien


  • Mom Visits The College Town

Hanging Loose Press

  • Panorama of Another’s Routine

Forklift, Ohio

  • 26th Birthday
  • Prairie Burn

Lockjaw Magazine

Montreal Poetry Prize Long-List Anthology

[Forthcoming] Emerging Poets, Stay Thirsty Media

  • The Shape of Time,
  • New Job in the College Town,
  • and The Homeless Man, Me

Prodigal 1 : A Quorum

The Literary Review : “Women’s Studies”

  • Manmade Shapes,
  • Describing the Texture of Dreams to You and
  • I Am Not A Photographer

Skydeer Helpking

  • Portrait of My Love Dead on a Mountain,
  • At Hysteria Park and
  • The Town of Not Having Written in

AGNI Online

491 Magazine

  • Frankenstein’s Monster


  • Displacement

Red Branch Journal

  • Blank Wall, Bone China
  • Riding Home on the Highway at Night

Spoon River Poetry Review

  • Delineation of the American Prison System,
  • Grandma in Late Summer
  • Chinese Ink Scroll

236 Journal

  • Three Dioramas of Landscapes with Your Face Always in the Way
  • Flourishing Rainbow Apartment Complex


City Structures published by Damask Press and illustrated by Stephanie Kwak.

                  Essays + Reviews:

Publishers Weekly


Schools, a journal of the University of Chicago Press

  • Cultural Understanding: A Crucial Responsibility of Language Teachers Abroad

North Avenue Magazine

  • Not Really About Devices
  • Art and Activism in India



BU Today


Robert Pinksy Global Fellowship